Federico Landi

Federico Landi (1990) is an art and architecture photographer based in Italy.

He collaborated with some of the major contemporary artist such as Yuri Ancarani, Gregor Schneider, Italo Zuffi, Beka&Lemoine, Andres Jaque – Office for political innovation, Jonas Mekas, in translating photographically the impact and meanings of their artworks.
Furthermore He collaborated with numerous cultural institution such as Triennale di Milano, MAMbo, Musei Civici di Bologna, Università di Bologna, Fotografia Europea, Cineteca di Bologna and won international prizes.
Besides the professional practice He developed art projects focusing on the architectural investigation with influences from anthropology, sociology, economics and science and technology studies. This approach aims to make the processes of construction of reality transparent, with particular interest in digital dynamics, informal processes in the public space and the practices of human association.

Alongside his productions, he founded in 2015 “Migliorare con l’età  an event photographic agency.


2024_“Tao”, collective exhibition at The Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Glasgow, SL 

2023_”Non Siamo Mai stati Oggetti”, personal exhibition at Museo Civico Medievale di Bologna, IT
          _”Prospettiva Cirenaica”, first prize at the contest by Craq Design, with collective exhibition, Bologna, IT 

2022_ “Piazza VIII Agosto”, collective exhibition in public space, Piazza Lucio Dalla, Bologna, IT

2021_ ”Biopolitica del Navile”, exhibition in public space, Bologna, IT 

2018_ Collective exhibition – “Fotografia Europea” – Reggio Emilia, IT
         _Mnemonsyne Award – Architecture + Design Film Festival Winnipeg – CA
         _Collective exhibition “999. Una collezione di domande sull’abitare contemporaneo” – Triennale di Milano, IT                         _Collective exhibition LOG OFF #3 Bagnacavallo, “Damaged Breeze #1”, video 3.00min, IT
        _ ”Imola in Camera”, progetto fotografico realizzato con il patrocinio del Comune di Imola, IT 

2017_ Selected project “ABITARE” – MUFOCO Museo fotografia contemporanea, IT
         _Collective exhibition “Emotion of Space” – Domaine de Boisbuchet, FR 

2016_ Collective exhibition at Fototeca Manfrediana (Faenza), IT


E-mail federico@migliorareconleta.com 

Linkedin www.linkedin.com/in/federicolandi

IG @mr_fede